Can only students take part in tournament?

In case of individual games, only students can take part in the tournament, but in team games one player may not have the status of the student.

On what servers do Hearthstone/StarCraft II take place?

On servers from Europe region.

I registered for the tournament. What's next?

All information with regards to the tournament you get in e-mail after filling in the form on page. Check whether you are registered for the tournament and whether e-mail is not in the spam section. In case of lack of information for 4 days from the moment of registering, we request for mail contact.

Is there a possibility to take part in 2 games?

No, there is a chance to play in only one game.

How much does it cost to watch competition?

Entry on BGT in order to watch competition and take part in organised attractions is free.

Do unaccompanied minors have to take permission from parents?

Yes, it is necessary to show written permission during registration in the day of the tournament.

On which maps do matches of CS:GO take place?


Is number of places limited?

Yes. In case of singleplayer games, order of registration have significance. When it comes to team games, we will organise elimination when number of registration is bigger than amount of available places.

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Our main aim is to educate new generation of engineers. We help students to find interns and job. Projects such as Engineering Job Fair, BEST Engineering Meetinng inform students about requirements of companies and actual ways of recrutation. Students can also take part in practice exercises during these events. Thanks to projects such as EBEC or BEST Hacking League, there is a possibility to check engineering skills and to compete with other students. The other very popular project of BEST is BEST Courses - cycle of educational courses abroad! By dint of this excursion you can mix business with pleasure - acquiant with students from foreign universities, improve language skills and learn a lot of useful things from specific domain. However, studies don't depend only on work and learning... so in free time BEST suggest fun during carnival ball.

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